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  Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities
  The HKBCF will serve as a transportation hub and provide clearance facilities for goods and passengers respectively using the HZMB.

The proposed HKBCF will be located on an artificial island of about 150 hectares (including about 130 hectares for HKBCF and about 20 hectares for Tuen Mun – Chek Lap Kok Link (TM-CLKL) southern landfall) reclaimed from the open waters off the northeast of the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). Geographically, the HKBCF will be at a convenient location with good transportation connectivity as it is next to the HKIA and near Tung Chung new town. With a variety of transport means including HKIA, SkyPier, Airport Express Line and Tung Chung Line available in the proximity, the HKBCF will become a transportation hub in the area. The synergy effect will be considerable and helps benefit Hong Kong's overall economic development.
  The HKBCF is linked by the HKLR, the TM-CLKL (in the north and southeast) and the roads leading to the HKIA. The road traffic of the whole area will be well connected since HZMB vehicles can use another route in case any one of them is not available for whatever reason. The traffic at Tung Chung new town will also be improved as traffic can use the southern connection of the TM-CLKL to bypass Tung Chung new town.

Reclamation of about 130 hectares to provide land for the development of the HKBCF.

The construction works of the HKBCF include cargo & passenger clearing and vehicle inspection facilitates, offices for frontline departments (such as Immigration Department, Customs & Excise Department, etc), road networks, public transport interchange and associated civil, traffic control surveillance system and landscaping works, etc.

We are dedicated to design the HKBCF as an innovative, aesthetical pleasing, energy efficient and sustainable infrastructures in Hong Kong. Various buildings and facilities will be built on the artificial island, including a passenger clearance building, a customs and immigration building, sewage treatment facilities, etc. Being a landmark of the HKBCF, the passenger clearance building will be the largest among all structures in the artificial island.

To achieve the target of completing the major construction works of the Main Bridge and the ports by the end of 2017, and will continue to improve the clearance conditions of the ports

The commissioning date of the HZMB will be ascertained by the Central Task Force and will be announced once confirmed

  The Legislative Council Finance Committee approved the increase of Approved Project Estimate of PWP Item No. 6845TH "HZMB HKBCF - Reclamation and Superstructures" from $30,433.90 million to $35,895.00 million (in MOD prices) on 30 January 2016 for its construction.  
  Current Situation

The HKBCF reclamation works has been largely completed. Placing of the remaining rock armours at seawalls is in progress.

Most of the reinforced concrete works of the PCB has been completed. The iconic PCB roof module erection/fabrication, and PCB other works including builders, building services and electrical and mechanical works, etc. are in progress. For the infrastructure works (western and southern portions), construction of pile caps, piers/abutment and decks of bridges; and box culverts and drainage etc are in progress. For the works contracts for Vehicle Clearance Plazas (VCPs) and Ancillary Buildings and Facilities, all the piles of the ancillary buildings were completed in October 2016, and many ancillary buildings have been topped out. Other works of the ancillary buildings and bridges (like the infrastructures, builders works and building services of the ancillary buildings; and pile caps, piers, and decks of the bridges) and other works in VCP (like the combined Common Utility Enclosure and staff subways, vehicle clearance kiosks at VCPs; and box culverts and drainage, etc) are in progress. For the traffic control and surveillance system, automatic vehicle clearance support system, and gantry type X-ray vehicle inspection system, their installation works are in progress.


Works Progress
HKBCF island reclamation, the basement of the Passenger Clearance Building, the raft foundations of the ancillary buildings, and the piling / pre-drilling works for the other infrastructures are in progress. Contract for automatic vehicle clearance support system was awarded in July 2015.