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HZMB· HKBCF International Design Ideas Competition

HZMB· HKBCF International Design Ideas Competition

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (“HZMB”) links up Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macao in the Pearl River Delta, China. It provides opportunities for significant social and economic development in these areas for coming decades.

The works of HZMB related projects within Hong Kong include the Hong Kong Link Road and the Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities (“HKBCF”). The southern landfall of Tuen Mun-Chek Lap Kok Link will abut the HKBCF. The HKBCF, accommodating the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine facilities of the HKSAR, will be located on a reclamation site of about 130 hectares at the waters off the northeast of the Hong Kong International Airport, The HKBCF will serve as a strategic multi-modal transportation hub for international and domestic traffic due to its proximity and connection to the Hong Kong International Airport and strategic highway networks in the area.

To reflect the importance of the HKBCF which will be a new landmark, Highways Department organized this International Design Ideas Competition for the HKBCF to draw new ideas globally and to engage the general public in this important new development. The winning design ideas will be used for reference in the detailed design of HKBCF superstructures.

  • Highways Department,
    The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

  • Architectural Services Department,
    The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

  • Electrical & Mechanical Services Department,
    The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

  • Environmental Protection Department,
    The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

  • The Hong Kong Institute of Architects

  • The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

  • The Hong Kong Institution of Highways and Transportation

  • The Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects

  • Hong Kong Institute of Planners



Professional Group

Open to worldwide qualified professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, planning and surveying (except student members).

3 Winning Entries

HK$450,000 Cash Coupon for the 1st Prize
HK$280,000 Cash Coupon for the 2nd Prize
HK$160,000 Cash Coupon for the 3rd Prize

2 Merit Entries

Each HK$100,000 Cash Coupon


Open Group

Open to the general public except qualified professionals.

3 Winning Entries

HK$40,000 Cash Coupon for the 1st Prize
HK$25,000 Cash Coupon for the 2nd Prize
HK$15,000 Cash Coupon for the 3rd Prize

2 Merit Entries

Each HK$10,000 Cash Coupon



Jury Panel

Entries were adjudicated by a Jury Panel composed of the seven following members:




(Head Juror)
Mr. Richard HAWKINS

Partner, Foster + Partners

Dr. Hitoshi ABE

Professor and Chair of UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design


Former Chief Secretary of Hong Kong

Mr. Bernard Charnwut CHAN, GBS, JP

Chairman of Council for Sustainable Development

Dr. CHENG Hon-kwan, GBS, JP

Past President of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

Prof. HE Jingtang

China Architectural Design Master, Director of College of Architecture & Civil Engineering, South China University of Technology

Dr. Ronald LU

Immediate Past President of The Hong Kong Institute of Architects

Reserve Jurors


Mr. Andy LEWIS

Former Chief Landscape Architect, Architectural Services Department, HKSARG

Mr. YUE Chi-hang, SBS, JP

Former Director of Architectural Services, HKSARG




  • Innovation and Creativity

  • Aesthetics and Identity / Icon

  • Environmental Friendliness (including Sustainability, Green Building and Energy Efficiency)

  • Functionality, Effectiveness and Buildability

  • Harmony with the Neighbourhood (including Application of Urban Design Principles)



10 December 2009

Registration opens

8 February 2010

Registration closes

1 March to
10 March 2010

Submission of Entries

11 March to
20 April 2010


14 May 2010

Announcement of results & Prize Presentation Ceremony at Former Central Police Station, Hollywood Road, Central.



With a view to sharing the high quality design entries with the public, this book recorded some of the outstanding design ideas and the memorable events of the competition…Details

Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities International Design Ideas Competition Video

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is an unprecedented important strategic road corridor...

Production Date: December 2009...




15 May to
6 June 2010

Former Central Police Station, Hollywood Road, Central

15 May to
28 May 2010

MTR Tung Chung Station

1 June to
11 June 2010

Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices

14 June to
21 June 2010

Shatin Government Offices

22 June to
30 June 2010

Tuen Mun Government Offices

27 July to
31 July 2010

Times Square

1 August to
28 October 2010

Homantin Government Offices

29 October to
1 November 2010

Citygate, Tung Chung

3 November to
20 December 2010

Tung Chung Man Tung Road Sports Centre



Professional Group Open Group

Professional Group : 1st Prize - Under the Same Roof 

“Under the Same Roof, creating a boundary-free crossing facility under one roof.” The Professional Group 1st prize winner Paul Mui, Benny Lee and Agnes Hung have developed a design concept emphasizing on “family”.

They believe that people living in Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macao will be bonded together with the HKBCF connector. “The large canopy that spans across the immigration hall and extends beyond the drop off areas can bring a sense of home feeling to the visitors,” Paul said. He also stated that the group has tried to minimize the pillars used in supporting the main building, so that the visitors could have a broader view around BCF and the immigration process would be smoother.

The design incorporates certain green elements e.g. Algae is planted at top of the roof, to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen which will then be transformed into mist, generating cooling effects for the coach parking place to help reduce air pollution. Paul, Benny and Agnes have cooperated closely on architecture design in the past and this is already the fifth time they won an international architectural design award.

“We have certain experience on large-scale design competitions, but HKBCF is the largest one and it is of course the most challenging,” said Paul, Benny and Agnes excitedly. They are pleased to design a comfort BCF for the citizens living in the same motherland and hope the design could become a remarkable landmark in Hong Kong.


Professional Group : Merit Prize - Bauhinia Garden

"Improve air quality, let's build a sustainable future." Adham Selim is the merit award winner in the Open Group. He took a 16-hour flight from Egypt to Hong Kong to accept this award.

Adham commented that as Hong Kong suffers from air pollution problems, his design demonstrated a strong sense of environmental consciousness. A rainwater harvesting system is integrated into the BCF building to cool down the temperature in coach parking area and reduce vehicle emissions, which is benefited to the sustainable development of Hong Kong.



Open Group : 1st Prize - Waves

“Gentle waves rolling stretches, reflecting the spirit of harmony in Hong Kong.” The Open Group 1st prize winner comes from Guangzhou, formed by Chen Siming, Lin Xincheng, Wu Liang, Zhou Jin, He Yuxin and Yang Yimin. All six of them are students from Guangzhou University and South China University of Technology.

Succinct wave design form gained the appreciation from the Jury. “HKBCF is surrounded by sea water and adjacent to a magnificent view of the greenery that greeted us. The building is defined by wave design that highlighted by the graceful curve of HKBCF. It will further illustrate the spirit of harmony in Hong Kong,” Siming explained. Siming said with a smile, “Simple and clear design not only underscores Chinese People’s respect for nature, but also marks the richness an profoundness of Chinese cultures and values.”

These six student winners are excited to take part in this design competition which gives them an opportunity to put knowledge into practice and thus broaden their horizon in the professional field. Another team member Wu Liang said, “I go abroad from time to time through Hong Kong International Airport, so I have a deep impression on BCF’s surrounding environment. With “fieldwork” experience, we could yield twice the result with half the effort.” However, Wu added that during the preparation, he had different opinions with his teammates. He said that the design needs to strike a balance between passenger flow, architecture, structure and the environment. He made great efforts to seek consensus with his teammates.


Open Group : 3rd Prize - Hong Kong Signature 

“Building a remarkable signature for Hong Kong that the design of BCF is interwoven with the sky and the sea.” Nard Buijs, Floris Peek and Alexander Van Der Meer said. The team comes from the Netherlands and they won the 3rd prize in the open group.

Although they have not been to Hong Kong, their passion for architectural design persuaded them to join the competition. Nard said, “People in the West pay great attention to the developments of China and Hong Kong. This competition is an excellent opportunity for us to broaden our views. It is a big surprise to get a prize too.” Nard, Floris and Alexander think that Hong Kong is a very unique place. Their design focuses on curve structure aiming at creating a new signature for Hong Kong, which is in harmony with the sky and the sea.