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Green Corner

Environmental Protection

Residential and ecological sensitive areas will be avoided as far as practicable

Environmental impacts of the Projects have been minimised:

After examination of various site and alignment options of the HKBCF, HKLR and TM-CLKL, and after considering the views obtained from extensive public consultation since 2007, the Administration decided to locate the HKBCF at the waters off the northeast of Airport Island and its reclamation will be integrated with the reclamation for the southern landfall of the TM-CLKL sub-sea tunnel, therefore, reducing the total reclamation size. The HKLR will run along the Airport Channel at the southern side of the Airport Island which is away from the ecological sensitive areas.

Hong Kong Link Road

The alignment is away from the ecological sensitive receivers such as the San Tau Site of Special Scientific Interest, as well as seagrass and horseshoe crab nursery sites.


We adopt a tunnel-cum-at-grade road scheme for the HKLR in lieu of the all-viaduct scheme for the section from Scenic Hill on the Airport Island to the HKBCF to minimise visual impacts.


The HKLR viaduct will straddle the headland between San Shek Wan and Sha Lo Wan without affecting the natural shorelines of the Lantau Island.


Minimise hydrodynamic impacts on the Airport Channel by sinking the pile caps of the HKLR viaduct to below seabed level in that section.


Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities

The recommended site to the northeast of the Airport Island is away from Chinese White Dolphin hotspot and comparatively have less impacts on hydraulics, navigation safety and environment. Furthermore, it avoids impact on the natural hillsides and shorelines.


The HKBCF is at a distance of 2 kilometers away from the Tung Chung new town. This minimises air quality, noise and visual impacts on the Tung Chung residents.


Adopt natural rock amours on reclamation seawall to mitigate visual impact.


The reclamations of the HKBCF and southern landfall of the TM-CLKL sub-sea tunnel are to be carried out together. This arrangement will reduce the construction of approximately 1.8 km of seawall.


The HKBCF adopts a non-dredge reclamation method, which is the first of its kind in Hong Kong, to build its seawalls.


Tuen Mun - Chek Lap Kok Link

The sub-sea tunnel portion between the HKBCF and Tuen Mun (i.e. the northern section of the TM-CLKL) has avoided the marine habitat at Tai Mo To and will be constructed using Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs). As compared with the traditional immersed tube method, the use of TBMs avoids dredging and disposal of marine sediments, minimising the overall impacts on the seabed, water quality, marine environment and habitats (including the CWD).


The southern connection of the TM-CLKL will be in the form of a sea viaduct, providing a direct connection between the HKBCF and North Lantau Highway. This connection will avoid the traffic through Tung Chung Town and alleviate the traffic and environmental impacts in the area.


To reduce reclamation, the TM-CLKL Toll Plaza is relocated from reclaimed land to Tuen Mun Area 46.

Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring and Audit Programme:


A comprehensive Environmental Monitoring and Audit (EM&A) programme is implemented during construction to regularly monitor the environmental impacts on various aspects including air quality, noise, water quality, waste management and ecology (including CWD), etc. on the nearby sensitive receivers and areas which may be affected by the works of the HZMB Hong Kong projects. For more information on the EM&A work, please refer to the website www.hzmbenpo.com.

Ecological Survey carried out at Sha Lo Wan headland on 8 September 2014

Ecological verification survey was carried out at the beach of Sha Lo Wan headland, so as to ascertain that the construction of HKLR near Sha Lo Wan would not cause any changes to the conclusions in the approved EIA Report.

Designation of Marine Park

In accordance with the Marine Parks Ordinance, the Brothers Marine Park with about 970 ha was designated on 30 December 2016 in the areas vicinity to The Brothers for the conservation of Chinese White Dolphinsand enhancement of marine resources.


Zoning Plan of The Brothers Marine Park


Provision of Artificial Reefs

About 10,000m3 of artificial reefs would be deployed as replacement and compensation to marine habitats.


Fish Fry Release in Artificial Reefs

Fish fry will be released at the new artificial reefs as well as the existing artificial reefs in Sha Chau and Lung Kwu Chau Marine Park, to enhance the fish resources in the Western Hong Kong waters.


Fish Fry Release in Artificial Reefs
Provision of Additional Artificial Reefs
Provision of Additional Artificial Reefs